K – 12

Roger Ratt – K-12 Student Services

The central office currently administers K-12 education programs for the communities of Hall Lake, La Ronge, Little Red and Sucker River, as well as the off-reserve post secondary programs for all La Ronge Band members. The schools are listed below:

Hall Lake – Sally Ross School – K-12
Sucker River – Chief Moses Ratt School – K-8
La Ronge – Senator Myles Venne School – 5-12
La Ronge – Bell’s Point Elementary School – K-4
Some of the communities have chosen to administer their programs in their communities.

Stanley Mission began administering their programs in April 1999.

Grandmother’s Bay began administering their programs in October, 2001.



The Boarding Home Program is only provided to students residing in Grandmother’s Bay, who do not have a high school in their community. All students in the Boarding Home program must be residents of Grandmother’s Bay.

We operate a boarding home at Vicker’s Crescent in Air Ronge (MAP). This home is equipped to accommodate 14 students ages 15 to 18 who are supervised by two qualified boarding home parents.
There are also private homes that meet the policy standards within the communities of Air Ronge, La Ronge and on reserve.