Youth Haven

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(by LLRIB staff ONLY)

A cultural wilderness camp where adults share knowledge and skills with one another and with younger people who can learn northern lifestyles.


Youth Haven Rates as of 2022

Gas, Propane and Oil (generator/stoves)

  • Summer, $200 per day
  • Winter, $100 per day

Accommodations & Facilities:

  • $50 per day, per person
  • $500 per day, per group

Resource People:

  • Resource Person – $150 per day
  • Cooks—$150
  • Boat and Motor (Gas/Oil) – $200 per day for one boat/motor
  • Ski-Doo (Gas/Oil) – $200 per day

Groceries are the responsibility of the group renting the camp.

We strive to educate the children who attend LLRIB schools four main goals: pride, culture, values, and skills.

  • Culture: Language, seasonal gatherings, fishing, hunting, trapping, tanning, survival skills, entertainment, music, dance, sports, oral traditional stories, community role modeling, legends, spirituality, art, history, cooking, and transportation.
  • Values: Respect for the Creator and all creation, self-respect, independence, respect for others, beliefs, morals, customs, knowledge, language, wisdom, identity, honesty, trust, endurance, patience, sharing, self-discipline, learning, respect for the environment: wildlife, fish, land, water, air, plant life, medicine wheel (emotional development, spiritual development, physical development and mental development).
  • Skills: Safety, observation, positive reinforcement, communicating, listening, historical and contemporary traditional skills: crafts, tanning, storytelling, survival, academics, and technology.
  • Pride: Self-respect, community, kinship, achievement, accomplishments, learning, Cree culture, history and language.

The teachings that occur at the Youth Haven strive to promote and revitalize Woodland Cree Culture. The Elders and community leaders of Lac La Ronge Indian Band take pride in the Woodland Cree Culture and Language and they encourage LLRIB members to practice living cultural traditions.

Every year the campsite is receiving recognition for its beautiful natural setting. A camp that can house students, teachers, Elders, and cultural specialist away from possible negative influences. The Youth Haven is clean; it is only accessible by boat in the summer and snowmobile in the winter. The Youth Haven committee does not allow alcohol and drug use. It is a perfect setting for people to learn about their cultural traditions, language, and survival skills necessary for them to learn so they become independent contributors to society.

Workshops you might consider hosting at Youth Haven:

Cultural camps to promote Northern Lifestyle: gathering edible foods from land & water, learn arts & crafts, survival training, language learning, teaching from kīhtīyayak, and other activities.
• Healing circles.
• Parenting practices.
• Information sessions on healthy eating, physical well-being, spiritual counselling, living the virtues, and other self-help workshops.
• To make a comfortable, learning environment for children, adults, and Elders.