2017 Jonas Roberts Memorial Scholarship Award Winners

Lisa Mirasty is in her last year of her Social Work Degree. Her goal when finishing her degree is to work with the youth in schools or child welfare. Lisa plans to give back to her community and work in La Ronge for at least five years before exploring other opportunities. Lisa knows from personal experience the struggles our community faces, she plans on using this knowledge to her advantage to help make a difference in an adolescent’s life. Lisa has volunteered at schools, in the community, and also during the evacuation. Lisa has been described as an asset to the community.

Meagan Ratt is in her second year of her Business Administration Degree. Meagan first started her educational journey with a goal of getting her Business Admin Diploma, after finishing her first year of studies she has been encouraged to obtain her degree, thus maximizing her funding with the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. Meagan has worked for the education department for the past two summers, she has always gone above and beyond what was expected of her. She has been described as a fast learner, leader, role model, and very well organized.

Caitlyn Bird is in her third year Bachelor of Arts Degree. Caitlyn’s goal after completing her Degree is to become a journalist or a researcher. Caitlyn has passions for writing, helping others, spreading awareness, and finding solutions to various issues. Caitlyn was on the high school volleyball team and she would volunteer at fundraising events held by the school.

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