2017 Cliff Charles Memorial Scholarship Award Winners

Shaylene Marinuk is in her second year Bachelor of Commerce and is a single mom of one. Her goal after finishing her degree is to open a retail store for youth in the north, she believes this will also help the north economically. Shaylene volunteers at the local hospital for meals on wheels (delivering hot meals to elders), she has also volunteered at the national aboriginal day festivities.

Megan Morin is in her last year of her Bachelor of Arts- Majoring in Indigenous Studies. Megan is a single mom of two boys, she has always lived on the reserve in her home community of La Ronge. Megan’s long term goal is to give back to her community by working with youth in the schools or at the Jonas Roberts Memorial Community Center. Megan’s two boys play hockey, so when there is sporting events happening Megan is there volunteering her time.

Susan Moosewaypayo is in her third year of Bachelor of Science Nursing. Susan has chosen her career path because of her personal experiences as a child to adulthood. She wishes to exceed the normal expectations of care given by a nurse to a patient as it was given to her during her frequent hospital stays. Susan has been described as a natural leader and role model not only to her class but for the north.

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