JAYS CARE FOUNDATION & LLRIB ROOKIE LEAGUE Registration Form 2019 – Deadline is July 1, 2019

Thank you for your interest in having your child participate in the LLRIB Rookie Baseball League! If you have any questions, please contact your LLRIB Rookie League Coordinator:
Alannah Ratt
Phone Number: (W) 306-425-4852 (C) 306-420-4057
Email Address: Alannah_Ratt_04@hotmail.com

This form must be completed by July 1st in full for each student to participate in the LLRIB Rookie Baseball League


Apply for Funding, deadline extended to JUNE 15, 2019 –

→  FORMS & MANUALS – http://llribedu.ca/forms-manuals/

  • The Liberal Arts Certificate is a Community-Based Program,
    offered by Lac La Ronge Indian Band, Gabriel Dumont
    Institute and the University of Regina, in the Community of
    Lac La Ronge.
  • This is a 16 month program.
  • Courses will be delivered in a face-to-face format, allowing
    for more one on one time with instructors.
  • The Community-Based Liberal Arts Certificate Program
    consists of 12 courses.
  • This program is designed with an Indigenous Studies
    focus and provides the academic supports to better ensure
    student success.
  • At the end of 16 months successful students will have their
    Liberal Arts Certificate through the University of Regina,
    which can transfer into degree programs at the University of
    Regina or elsewhere.

For more information contact Tammy Robinson
306-425-7969 | Tammy.Robinson@llribedu.ca

Jays Care Foundation & LLRIB Rookie League 2019

Jays Care Foundation LLRIB Rookie League Coordinator Alannah Ratt

Work: 306-425-4852

Cell: 306-420-4057

Email: Alannah_Ratt_04@hotmail.com

Approx. Co-ed 5-17 years of age can
register, older group can play the
first innings and mentor and coach
the younger in the next innings.

Jays Care Foundation FACEBOOK page:

Bell’s Point Elementary School – Cree Language Festival – June 6, 2019

Deadline for Entries: May 31st, 2019

For more information contact:
Nicole Ratt at (306) 425-4938

Senator Myles Venne School – Newsletter May 2019


Northern Training Opportunity – Gabriel Dumont Institute and The Lac La Ronge Indian Band are partnering to deliver a 4-year fully accredited


Bachelor of Education Degree

The Program

GDI has been working with the Province’s Universities for the past 40 years to train over 1200 Indigenous teachers whose credentials are recognized across Canada. To address the Teacher shortage in Northern Saskatchewan, GDI and the Lac La Ronge Indian Band are proud to announce they are partnering to deliver a Northern Indigenous Teacher Education Program.

Program Details

  • Location: Lac La Ronge Indian Band (Air Ronge)
  • Start Date: September, 2019
  • Tuition, books and income support may be available to all qualified Métis and First Nations applicants. First Nations applicants can apply to obtain funding through their band.  Housing may be available upon application.

How to Apply

  • Interested Métis students should contact Michael Relland at relland@gdi.gdins.org – Phone: 306-764-1818
  • Interested Members of Lac La Ronge Indian Band should contact Tammy Robinson at Tammy.Robinson@llribedu.ca – Phone: 306-425-7969
  • An Information Session for Potential students will be held in mid-June. Interested applicants can apply through regular university entrance or mature admissions if they are 21


Senator Myles Venne School – Newsletter April 2019

2018 Christmas Concert Videos – SRS, CMRS and BPES

The 2018 Christmas Concert videos have been moved from LLRIB Schools Facebook Page to the LLRIB Education Facebook Page, all videos can be found here or in the video section of LLRIB Education: https://www.facebook.com/llribeducation/

Senator Myles Venne School – Newsletter – March 2019

Senator Myles Venne School – Newsletter – February 2019

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